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“I like to think about the Black people who were important scientists because it makes me think I could be a good scientist too.” – Sekani, age 10

For over 30 years, Meadows-Livingstone School has specialized in educating African-American children to reach their full academic, social, emotional and creative potential.  We solve Black parent’s dilemma – finding an academically challenging school that also cultivates their children’s self-respect.  We build student’s strength through a holistic approach – teaching the whole child.  We are a small school – fewer than 30 students – where we treat teachers, students, parents and families as valued members of a caring community.

ACADEMICS – MLS students receive special programs in Math and Science, including field trips to museums and natural sites.  We emphasize history, including African civilization and culture.  Our phonics-based reading program puts most of our students well above grade level.  Our graduates go on to college-track high school programs, and 95% attend four-year colleges, such as Morehouse, Columbia, Smith, and a variety of school within the University of California system.

SOCIALIZATION – In daily group meetings, MLS students discuss areas of concern at school and in the world.  Children are encouraged to express themselves emotionally, and they help each other deal with their problems.  Our youth learn conflict resolution skills that improve their safety and efficacy in and outside of school.

CREATIVITY – Our cultural programs include dance, art, and music, including theory.  Leading Bay Area musicians and artists teach these programs.  Our students perform at community events and at other schools.  Even in regular classes, we teach to children’s creativity by including areas they love, such as music, in their academic programs.

PHYSICAL EDUCATION – We ensure that all our children, especially girls, become physically active.  Our weekly swimming class and other physical education programs are structured to build children’s confidence and abilities.

POLITICS – MLS believes children must be aware of what is happening in the world and how those things affect their lives.  We talk about world issues, including dealing with issues of racism and sexism, and we participate in political events that affect our families’ lives.  Our students learn to be informed, active, and concerned citizens.

RESPONSIBILITY – MLS counteracts the violence, sexism, and racism in the media.  Our children learn responsibility throughout the school day.  Older students mentor the younger ones, helping them with issues of safety, academics, and socialization.  We teach that each person is responsible for him or herself and for the group, as well.

“I like this school because it’s hard and I can tell I’m learning.  I’m having fun and I’m not afraid of numbers anymore. ” – Wren, age 8