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Support the Meadows Livingstone Transportation Fund

The Meadows Livingstone School (MLS) is a special place. Nestled in the historic Mission District of San Francisco, students come from far and wide to immerse themselves in an Afro-centric curriculum that is more than 30 years in the making. Many students, in grades Kindergarten through fifth, brave a daily commute across the San Francisco Bay. The MLS community is a resourceful one. Through the power of carpool and collaboration parents and students have long found a way to make this sometimes-challenging trek.

This holiday season, the MLS community would like to make a humble wish. A wish that transportation no longer poses a barrier to parents and students hoping to take part in our unique Afro-centric education experiences. This year we’re making strides toward collaborating with a bussing company to provide transportation for students from the East Bay in the 2018/2019 school year.

Consider your tax-deductible gift an investment in the peace of mind of at least one parent and student. Rest assured knowing your contribution will allow more than a few students to focus—unhindered — on their studies in Art, African Civilization, Swimming, African Dance and Drumming, Tennis, Wrestling, Choir, Math, and more. Your donation is a show of support for educating Black youth. Can we count on you to help us realize this dream this by January 1, 2018?
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