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Meadows Livingstone School

For more than 30 years the Meadows Livingstone School has worked to meet the educational and social needs of children of color

Help us serve Black families in the San Francisco Bay Area by providing academic scholarships for our students.

In the ongoing gentrifying San Francisco Bay Area, we are a fearless little school that meets the educational, cultural, and social needs of Black children. Meadows Livingstone has been in existence since 1979 and 95% of our graduates have attended and graduated from four –year universities including Morehouse, Emerson, Occidental, Columbia, Smith, Yale and many of the UC’s and California State universities.

The Meadows Livingstone family and faculty are committed to stopping the out migration of Black families in the San Francisco Bay Area by providing academic scholarships in order to lessen their financial burden.

We draw upon an Afro-centric philosophy and specialize in educating all children of color to reach their full potential. We challenge children academically but also cultivate their self-respect and cultural awareness.

We are a school that encourages the individual expression of spirit and challenges the concept of conformity. We teach children how to discover themselves rather than dictate what they are supposed to believe or agree with. We believe that critical thinking means to question all that you see and hear.

We encourage respect, pride, and social responsibility among students. The school empowers children and nurtures the coming generation of leaders for social change in San Francisco.

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